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12:30AM November 29, 2018

Gary Anderson

I received an email from HolstonConnect asking us to comment for more grant money to the Persia area. We live on Bear Paw Ln outside of Persia near the Greene County Line. Are we included in the Persia Zone? We are the forgotten folks at the end of the county off Highway 70. We hardly have cell phone service.

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4:45PM November 29, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
Mr. Anderson, every last Holston Electric Cooperative customer will have HolstonConnect's advanced fiber-based services made available to them! Even Bear Paw Lane. Fortunately, your HolstonConnect and Holston Electric Cooperative want to take every step possible to make certain we are fiscally responsible, and by applying for grants, HolstonConnect could save thousands in construction costs. The grants are only available to regions that are considered unserved, and that means there must not be landline providers or high speed cell phone data coverage. Even those who reside in "served" areas would benefit from supporting our grant applications, as all funding raised helps increase the speed of construction and installation to our entire service territory. HolstonConnect looks forward to bringing our community and our future to the cutting edge, and that means for all of our customers.