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2:32PM March 15, 2019

Roger Wilson

Currently I have spectrum which requires a cable modem which is included with my connection. I then have a router connected to my cable modem to allow me multiple connections. So the question I have is when Holston Connect is available here in Strahl. What will be needed for the connection in my house and what will be needed to connect multiple devices

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7:38PM April 03, 2019

Robert Johnson
I live in Rogersville and have the service. You won't need anything extra. They do the complete installation of wiring and equipment. Your router should work with it. My Night Hawk does.

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5:45PM April 03, 2019

Michael Harris
The modem is called an optical network terminal (ONT). Small little box should be smaller than your cable modem, it is made just for Fiber internet and comes with your service. On the back of the modem is an Ethernet port just like your cable modem, you plug that into a wireless router just like your cable modem did. just a few things you should be aware of, if you rent your router from the cable company you will have to return it and buy your own. I believe Holston Connect is also offering rental wireless routers as well. If you go to the store and buy your own router or use your old router the speeds matter, if you buy a $30 router and pay for 1gb fiber dont be surprised when it doesnt run 1gb speeds. This is a limitation of your router not your service, in other words its not Holston Connects fault if you use a 8yr old router that can't handle the crazy fast speeds they are offering. If you have a newer router you should probably be just fine. I dont work for them just to be clear just trying to help