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8:29PM May 15, 2019

James Manis

Our address is Sulphur Springs Rd, just north of Rogersville. I noticed that the zone map has added large green portions. Are we currently in Phase 2? Estimated completion date? Thanks for all y’all do. Keep on working hard!

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12:05PM May 16, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
Mr. Manis, we are in the process of adding all the Phases to the map to allow our members to know when they can expect service. Additional Phases will be added as we receive the drawings. Based upon your address, you are included in the Rogersville North Area in Phase 4. Estimated service availability is Fall of 2021. However, areas are subject to change without notice based upon receipt of grants, availability of materials and contractors, and unforeseen weather and terrain.