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9:09AM June 04, 2019

Daniel Morrell

Is there a way that you could put a tracker on the website that shows where the splicing crew is working each day?

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10:59AM June 08, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
Unfortunately we cannot. HolstonConnect is at the mercy of contractors when it comes to splicing. Cooperatives throughout the country are undertaking the construction of fiber for their members, and with a very limited number of splicers available throughout the region, there is a great deal of competition to maintain splicers. Splicing is also primarily done during initial construction, and thus most splicers do not stay within a region. They typically move around from location to location, where the greatest amount of work is to be done. There is no guarantee from day to day as to number of splicers available in Northeast TN. Also, the orange areas turn blue in large chunks. While it may seem the progression is slow, HolstonConnect is way beyond schedule and moving at a very, very fast rate. In fact, construction of our fiber system is much more efficient and speedy than most throughout the country. We continue to ask for your patience, as it may seem slow. However, we are working as diligently and fast as possible.

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11:08PM June 04, 2019

Melissa Thompson
It seems we have lots of areas with the main backbone ready for the splicing crew but the splicing phase is taking a very long time. Does this specific function need more staff? How do we get the staff needed to move this project along faster? There are areas that have been orange for a very long time. People would feel less anxious if orange areas were turning into blue areas on a regular timeline.