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8:16AM November 18, 2019

Darrell Woods

Why would you start service in a area first that have several others available? We are thankful just for finally getting internet available but rural areas without other services should be considered first

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1:30PM November 20, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
HolstonConnect certainly understands your need for services in rural areas. When building a fiber infrastructure, the entire path must be built from the center out. A Network Operations Center (the brain) is housed at the main facility. In this case, the Network Operations Center is located in Rogersville at our main office, and the system has to be built outward like the nerves from the brain to the fingers and toes in a person. Unfortunately, it takes the longer for a sensation to reach a person's toes than it does their neck traveling along the nerves. Our rural residents are the most in need of these services, and we ask for your patience as we continue with construction. HolstonConnect is hard at work and has many contractors on site assisting. Our entire service territory, even our toes, will have services made available as we progress. When electricity was being installed in the 1940's, homes anxiously awaited line construction by Holston Electric Cooperative, but fortunately, our members won't have to wait nearly as long for these services. We encourage you to check back routinely for updates, and thank you for your interest in our new services.