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7:20PM December 08, 2019

Dylan Fye

I've checked in with agents at the local office a couple times to date, in order to inquire about services for Wall St. residents in Whitesburg, TN. I had been informed that it would be late this year to the earlier of next year, before they would be available to us. After checking again myself, through the holston connect website, It is showing me that late arrival time would now be late fall of 2020, as the expected time frame for my location, showing a 1 year additional wait for services to become available. With Comcast being the current and only other provider in the area that is compatible with today's demands (stable & fast connections), rates are insane for their "limited" data and the contractual 1 & 2 Yr. obligations with them renew regularly, giving you wish to keep rates low. When would be the actual expected time to see services available at my location? Has this truly changed and added an additional 1 year of wait time before they will become available to us or will it still be this year to early Jan-Feb 2020? Regardless, I can wait until the day we can cut ties with Comcast and their outrageous plans and switch over to holston connect. I'm also quite sure that a lot of people will be glad, once your services are fully available and the area has different options.

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9:49AM December 09, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
Your address is estimated to have service in late Fall of 2020.