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2:20PM December 09, 2019

Mark Skelton

When will service be available on Tipton Lane, Church Hill? I was originally told fall 2019, however I think they have been delayed due to electrical issues.

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2:12PM December 10, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
Holston Electric Cooperative (HEC) is rebuilding the electric lines in the Mt. Zion area, where you address is located. The Engineering of the Mt. Zion Rebuild Project is complete, and crews are replacing and relocating power poles to allow HEC to provide better electric service by increasing the capacity of the lines and installing new equipment. Following reconstruction of the electric system in the Mt. Zion area, HolstonConnect will immediately begin construction of our fiber optic lines so that we can deliver the advanced broadband services to our members in the Mt. Zion area. At this time we are unable to give a specific date when service will be available.