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11:12AM December 13, 2019

Derick Manning

Hello, When looking into your services when we moved into the Whitesburg area, we were originally told that it would be winter 2019 when services would reach Jarrell Ray Rd. I can see the line has been hung up to Whetsel road, but not extended down Jarrell Ray yet. With the winter of 2019 ending soon, I was wondering if that expected service date was still accurate? I tried to check it on your website, but since all we have right now is our mobile phones, and your website is not conducive to mobile browsers, was unable to see any updates anywhere. Thanks

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11:30AM December 13, 2019

HolstonConnect Admin
Based upon your specific address on Jarrell Ray Road, you are located in Phase 3 with an estimated service availability of Late Fall 2020.