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7:59PM July 26, 2018

Melissa Thompson

Is there anything Holston members can do to help with the construction timeline? Is there a way to have local businesses or tradesmen assist? Are there any specific politicians we may contact to request more financial assistance with the project?

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2:23PM August 29, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
Thank you for supporting HolstonConnect, and there is actually a way members, businesses and those within our community can assist. Many grant opportunities are weighted, and one portion of the score is based upon community support and need. Members can submit letters to HolstonConnect at PO Box 190, Rogersville, TN 37857 explaining how advanced communication services such as high-speed internet would improve quality of life, education, access to medicine, economics of the region, job training, etc. These letters can then be used as evidence when we submit grant applications explaining the need for the services in our rural area. Thank you again for your support.