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7:16PM August 28, 2018

carlos de souza

Interested when service will be provided off 70 and Hickory Cove north of 11. Currently no service provided by any company.

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3:59PM August 29, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
There is a lot of energy and excitement at our offices. Every day contractor trucks roll into our facilities to load materials and head out for a long and hard day of construction, and our contractors have already accomplished an amazing amount of work. Just like yourself, members throughout our service area are anxiously awaiting availability where there is limited or no service available. HolstonConnect is attentively aware of our members' needs. That is why we have every crew working to construct our fiber-based advanced communication lines as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how long it will take to build the entire project. However, the good news is that our construction is advancing rather quickly. We encourage you to check the site often to see our updates.