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4:32PM July 09, 2018

Anthony Bormes

It's really disappointing to see that the initial phase of implementing the new infrastructure is inside the city limits of Rogersville. The city limits already has high speed internet options available . The rural areas do not have any high speed internet options. Our families and school children have been put at a educational disadvantage due to lack of internet access. You people really need to look at the list of supporters already signed up. You will be able to see the common theme real quick ... Remote, Remote, Remote! It would seem to me, you would be working towards servicing the people that actually want your service and are ready to sign up. All the media I have read about Holston Connect mentioned how they were going to bring internet to the rural areas. The areas with limited or no high speed internet available. To see you map of the initial stages of implementing service without rural areas being considered at this time is a huge disappointment. I hope other remote members in these areas join me to express their dissatisfaction for the implementation of Holston Connect.

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10:36AM July 16, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
HolstonConnect understands your concerns. However, construction must begin adjacent to our Network Operations Center located in our Rogersville branch of Holston Electric Cooperative. Think of it as throwing a stone into the middle of the pond. The ripples will continue outward until they reach the final shore, or the last mile of our service territory. Just as other utilities, including electricity, water and natural gas lines, begin in a single location and branch out to contiguous areas, HolstonConnect will be announcing additional zones in Phase 1 as construction continues to build outward to our rural and remote members.