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10:10AM March 25, 2020

Jerry Coffman

Any idea when this service will reach Goshen Valley. We are currently mired down with a whopping 3.5 mb/s with Century Stink. This is now 2020 and I find this utterly ridiculous that my Dad is less than 2 miles away in Church Hill and he's had the service now closing in on a year. You all are our best last hope for high speed internet.

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10:05AM March 26, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
Thank you for contacting us. A portion of Goshen Valley was awarded a grant, and those funds have not been received. HolstonConnect is awaiting the results from the required environmental study. Upon receipt, approximately 3 months will be required for engineering and design, followed by construction and procurement. While all of Goshen Valley estimated to have service availability later in 2021, the area awarded the grant will be expedited. Our hope is to be able to provide service to those in the grant area sooner.