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7:45PM April 08, 2020

Larry Mellons

What kind of "Plan" do you have in place to protect both installers and subscribers when you enter a home to install equipment?

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8:46AM April 09, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
Mr. Mellons, HolstonConnect performs a "pre-call" to every customer before arrival, asking if anyone in the home is feeling unwell or been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. In those instances, we postpone the installation. However, for individuals concerned about any exposure, we also encourage them to postpone installation to a later date, which we will gladly accommodate. Any installer who feels unwell or has possibly been exposed stays home. While inside the residency or near occupants, the installers wear PPE of masks and gloves, while having their temperature checked twice a day. Trucks and tools are required to be sanitized in between calls, and HolstonConnect performs any work we can remotely, without entering the home. We do ask that any customer please notify us prior to entering the location if they or another resident feels unwell.