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3:28PM October 31, 2018


The zones map shows a central green area and then tan colored areas. Are these zones 1a and 1b, respectively? They are running cable along our road right now. Can you give an estimate of how soon we can expect to get connected? Besides the monthly service fee, is there a separate charge for installation? We have a long gravel driveway - about 1000 feet from the road. Thanks for making fiberoptic rural broadband internet a reality!

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12:03PM November 23, 2019

Jessica Mckinney
Is there a specific date that Holston connect will be available for 150 Dye Rd in Goshen Valley?

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10:29AM November 02, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
You are correct! The Green Areas are included in Zone 1a, where construction is primarily complete, and the Orange (aka Tan) areas are Zones 1b and 1c, where construction is actively underway. The Blue areas are In-Service areas, where HolstonConnect service is now available to Individual Businesses and Residential Homes. Based upon your electric account location, it appears you reside in a Zone that is presently under construction and should have service availability in just a few short months! The installation charge is waived for those who maintain 12 consecutive months of service with HolstonConnect. Presently, we do not charge "Aid to Construction" for additional footage to run fiber-to-the-home for new customers either.