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12:38PM August 22, 2020

Ellen McKeigney

Since, in all likelihood schools will be online for the foreseeable future, are there any plans to try to speed up the process of reaching all homes with service. I thought remote areas were to be among the first to be hooked up. Christian Bend is pretty remote, and our service is not scheduled until summer of 2021 or later. Any comments related to this will be appreciated. Thank you

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1:25PM August 25, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
HolstonConnect announced in 2018 the plans to build broadband to all customers within the Holston Electric Cooperative service territory over a span of up to five years. Holston has always been open concerning construction. We had to begin at our Network Operations Center in Rogersville and then out to the most remote locations, as the entire infrastructure must be connected. Just like the human brain, the NOC sends out our signals, and unfortunately for our remote folks, they will be the last to get connected. However, HolstonConnect is way ahead of schedule, and we hope to have the entire system completed prior to year-end 2021. We understand the urgency for this community, and we appreciate your patience.