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2:11PM November 13, 2018

Anand Saxena

Looking at your product offering the pricing is confusing. Why does it say "Starts at?" This sounds like the price only applies to a package deal with phone or cable service, but by itself it would be more expensive. If I wanted 300 Mbps internet only what would be my regular monthly bill? What are the install costs for running the wiring from the street to the house? I have Spectrum coming into the house right now, and I am sure looking forward to trading up.

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11:43AM November 14, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
That is an excellent question! HolstonConnect pricing includes the internet service listed at the speed advertised. We DO NOT bundle or discount based upon the number of services a customer selects. New and existing customers will all be charged the same costs for the same services, unlike many big-box providers. However, we do have other services available to compliment our basic options, such as Whole Home Wi-Fi, where we provide the wireless router, guaranteed customer service for device connections, and assurance of wireless connection no matter where you are located within your home. For 300 mbps, your cost would be $49.95 + tax. For 300 mbps and Whole Home Wi-Fi for $10.95 per month, the monthly cost would be $60.90 + tax. The complimentary services, like Whole Home Wi-Fi, have an additional cost. The great news is that all installation fees are waived for customers who maintain service for 12 consecutive months after subscribing!