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9:08PM September 04, 2020

Brent Cox

I live at 1605 Pressmen's Home Rd, am I part of the TN Emergency Broadband area? I also live back off the road in the woods a little bit and my power crosses someone else's land. Will this prevent me from being able to have access to the fiber? Will you be able to cross the other person's land like my power does to get to my home? Is there any cost to the homeowner to get the line from the road to their house for service?

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11:46AM September 09, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
Great news! Your address is included in the TNECD Emergency Broadband Grant and will receive service availability by December 15, 2020. All Holston Electric members will have availability of HolstonConnect service, as state law allows us to use the same right-of-way to provide fiber services.