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11:02PM September 14, 2020

James Manis

Can you be so kind to explain the new colors on the zones map? There’s now Teal and a faded red color. I’ve seen people’s addresses that are in the teal color that have been told they’re in the grant zone but my address is in the same color zone but have been advised I’m not in the grant zone. Any information on how to decipher would be beneficial. Keep up the good work.

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12:59PM September 17, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
We have updated the Zone map with a color coded legend and to show all the areas within the new grant area as red. These locations can expect to have service availability by December 15th. The blue areas are already in-service. The orange regions are presently under construction and will receive service availability in the coming weeks. The green areas are still to be constructed.