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11:44PM November 16, 2018

James Manis

We reside off Highway 70 on Sulphur Springs Rd. I am hoping eventually Holston Connect will serve our area. Any way of knowing if you all plan to expand our way? This technological advancement in a deep rural area like many parts of Rogersville is life changing in some ways. Great work so far y’all.

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7:59PM November 17, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
Yes, ALL of the Holston Electric Cooperative service territory will be constructed and provided service by HolstonConnect. If you are provided electricity by Holston Electric Cooperative, you will have HolstonConnect advanced fiber services built to your site. Unlike the big box providers, HolstonConnect will not cherry pick customers. THERE WILL NOT BE a required number of subscribers per area before we build it either. We do, however, ask for your patience as we know so many are in need of service, but it will take time to build to everyone. We heard your cries during our district member meetings. We collected your surveys and know that nearly 40% are without access at all, and as one of the seven cooperative principles, we focus our concern on the community. Thus, our board of directors formed HolstonConnect to provide fiber-based solutions to all members and to bridge the digital divide. HolstonConnect will continue to work diligently with contractors, engineers, and employees to build service as quickly and safely as possible to all members in our service territory.