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12:51AM November 17, 2018

Danielle Hensley

I haven't received anything until today when I got an email from Holston Connect. Does this mean that they will soon be working in my area?

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7:57PM November 17, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
Danielle, at this time, engineering and design has only been fully completed on Phase 1. Most of the areas within Phase 1 have be loaded to the zones tab on our website. These locations will be provided service availability in the coming weeks and months. Additionally, a few more zones will be added to Phase 1 soon. Based upon prior experience by other providers who have built fiber-to-the-home and our design and engineering firms, a service territory the size of Holston Electric Cooperative has required three to five years to complete in entirety. Unfortunately, with more than 30,000 homes and businesses and over 525 square miles of area to build, it is impossible to give estimations to individuals as to when distinct locations outside of Phase 1 will receive service. In fact, there are still multiple factors which will determine the regions to be included in Phase 2. Moreover, many facets of the construction are beyond our control, including availability of high-demand construction materials, weather, and physical terrain. These elements will dictate changes in timing, location, and other components of the process. Thus, HolstonConnect is unable to give any approximate availability dates for those outside of Phase 1, but our goal is to complete construction in 4 years. We do look forward to serving you as soon as possible.