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8:59AM November 17, 2018

Roger Wilson

When I typed my address in it says Remote. I am not sure what that means. I notice on the map that orange is at least in the area's surrounding Old Highway 70 out to the Strahl Area. I also noticed that you offer wifi setup. I have a router with almost 1 GB of speed. So if you buy the 300 or 500 MB plan. Do you have to pay for modem or is it included with the price

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8:09PM November 17, 2018

HolstonConnect Admin
Roger, remote means the area is not under construction just yet. However, new zones are being added every couple weeks to indicate new construction. Also, fiber-to-the-home requires an ONT, where cable or dsl require a modem. HolstonConnect provides the ONT inside the home, and this piece of equipment is included in the monthly subscription cost.