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11:05AM September 28, 2020

Monique Whorton

What is the status of the grant for Goshen Valley? It is a bit confusing as to why this grant has had no impact on the connection date when the new grant provides a speed up for other areas.

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4:41PM October 14, 2020

Darlynne Downey
Same frustration here. Goshen Valley is not exactly remote, it is centrally located, with a large population of commuters, between Rogersville, Kingsport, and Greeneville, and easy access to I-81 in Baileyton. Yet it is a communications black hole, and unsafe. Only internet and TV is expensive, slow, unreliable satellite. AT&T landlines don't work well. No cell service - I have to drive several miles to make a phone call if the weather is bad, causing the internet to go out. Even the sheriff's department can't get a radio signal! Why this area would not be considered an "emergency" broadband priority makes no sense.

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3:12PM October 06, 2020

HolstonConnect Admin
The grant for Goshen Valley was awarded by The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), an economic development partnership agency of the federal government and 13 state governments. The grant which has expedited construction to other areas was awarded by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. As the Goshen Valley grant is administered by the Federal Government, it requires different processes, guidelines, and further documentation, such as the environmental study, along with additional approval yet to be received by HolstonConnect. While the Goshen Valley ARC grant will provide financial assistance to the construction of the area, the slow commencement of construction is in the hands of the Federal government and beyond HolstonConnect's control. Whereas, The Emergency Broadband Grant from the State of Tennessee is much less inhibitive, allowing for expediting of the construction to those regions.

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6:58PM September 30, 2020

Jamey Shelton
I agree. The grant was awarded, several months ago. I know that an environmental study had to be conducted, before you all could plan it. But, what is the hold-up, please?