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High Speed Internet

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HolstonConnect, powered by Holston Electric Cooperative, is your hometown partner for fast, reliable internet – without the high price tag associated with many other gigabit services. Get high speeds, local service, and consistent pricing.

Same service. Same price. Now even FASTER!

No introductory rates. No long-term contracts.

That means the price we advertise is the price you pay, without the long-term commitments other providers require. No gimmicks, just great service. 


Dependable and fast internet access for email, web browsing, video streaming and all your social media needs with equally fast uploads.


Regarded as steadfast, the renowned 750 Mbps upload and download speeds allows your home to connect multiple devices while streaming content seamlessly. 


The possibilities are endless with the fastest internet available and speeds up to 10 times faster than DSL. An extreme gamer, televisions in every room streaming content, lots of handheld devices connected to the internet and saving and sharing photos to the cloud means 1 Gbps is for you.

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